Staying Cool with the Pigs and Kat

Yesterday wasn’t soo bad heat wise, and we had a great time with Auntie K. Late Breakfast/lunch at Full City Cafe, potty break and curtain hanging at her house, also care of magical creatures, I mean care of moss roses lessons.

As for the curtains, Kat made them, with no pattern, they look all custom professionally done. I am soooo jealous. She was all “it was super fun to do!” I was like, “I need more cow bell.” Then I realized I hate to sew. So I asked her if she would make me a skirt…sounds like she just might.

Time at the Park. It was very much like the opening of HP and the Order of the Phoenix, burned grass, Dudley and his gang, Harry Potter and his wand, but no darn dementors to cool the place down.

We then skipped out to hit the sweet coolness of the mall and the double decker carousel. Which turned out to be both very scary and real close to barf inducing. I will not be double deckering again. I paid to ride, but chickened out. I was able to hang curtains for Kat while standing over her stair well with one foot on a window sill and one foot on a half wall, but couldn’t ride on a double decker carousel. I had to keep a hand on my baby pig! Plus, the window wasn’t spinning. Arrgh, barf, feeling dizzy, thinking about it.

The mall can only hold the interest of 3 pigs and their handlers for about the time it takes to walk to the carosel and ride the barf maker, so we ended up at…the Movie Theatre. More air conditioning. We saw Underdog, it was really good. Ok, we thought so. I was afraid that Kat and I were going to get kicked out for laughing too loud. She’s fun to go to movies with, must remember Kat will go to silly movies with me and not pick on me for laughing at silly parts, she laughs too!!

Today we are going for haircuts in Indiana. Which is fine, I will be able to get some knitting done on Beth’s tank top. I hope it’s not too small…actually, I don’t care…it’s the thought that counts, and I’m really getting a lot of nice charity knitting done this year.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Never fear! Underdog is here!Hee, hee! That cracks me up every time. 🙂


  2. We have a mall carousel too, though I’ve never seen a double-decker! My little guy likes to look at it, but won’t go near it.Have you seen Ratatouiee yet?


  3. (that’s definitely spelled wrong!)


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