How a Wizard can to Dress like a Muggle

So we got the new tire for the Mazda 5, reports from Marty also suggest that the tracks on Sprinkle are being worked on, but here’s the kicker…While down town, Team B and I ran into the knee socks guy again in Olde Penninsula. Turns out, he is a Wizard!!!!

Ok, so here goes. His name is Frank Stout, he got in trouble because we saw him apparate, and he was kind of working his way through his second taster, in pints and he was tired of being in the “ruddy States anyway and couldn’t wait to get home and get some decent grub.”

But he was excited to get Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He said that it’s nice to see the Wizarding world get some good press. Not that weird King Arthur “mumbo jumbo.”

He did say he had some tips for the upstart American Wizards he’s seen about. (His daughter is going to American University, and it’s breaking his heart, but he’s working it out with beer.) He had tips on how to dress like a Muggle…

How to Dress Like a Muggle
  1. Go to a Goodwill store-these are actual Muggle artifacts.
  2. A good flowered dress looks nice on anyone.
  3. Boots go well with any outfit.
  4. Knee socks look great, no matter the weather.
  5. House color socks or ties can be worn, and will go unnoticed, no problem there.
  6. Hats should be worn, it’s sunny in the States.
  7. Please remember to leave your broom at home.
  8. Keep your wand in a cozy, but not in your back pocket, you might loose a buttock.

There you go. Team B met a real Wizard.


2 responses to this post.

  1. You lead such an interesting life. *laffin’*


  2. Thank you for the insight! I’ve got my 1 year old’s swim arm-floaties ready to pair with my silver strappy heels and a sundress, topped off by my bicycle helmut! ; )


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