Team B Stings the Town

I also have a Team B shirt. I did not want to be blinded by the sun though. That was the team hazing ritual.
Best free activity in Kalamazoo. This is the walking overpass between the Radisson and the parking garage downtown. Team B had a riot watching the cars go by. We almost took out several pedestrians in our excitement.

I noted that we should stop in Olde Penninsula for a pint and watch traffic also. The pigs could not be swayed.
Here after the museum is the excitement at being in the parking garage. Yes, here are Marty and Alice (Uncle Olive and Aunt Guinness themselves that’s what good ol’ Kristin Knits calls those two turkeys!) Team B needed, not one, but two assistants yesterday.

See, we went to Orrin B Hayes to get the new tire. Which turned out was under warranty. Thank you Katie, and big stinky nasty road kill on undercarriage to you mean service guy who was, well nasty to me. But I will still be on bright yellow Barbie tire (donut tire to normal Ford/Chevy driving humans) until my factory model tire can be shipped in from the factory, uh, in like Tokyo, where my car was built.

Yes, my Mazda 5 is really a suped up Ford Focus, but with none of the Ford Focus parts, and all of the Mazda Premacy Glory of Japan. But with all of that glory currently residing in Japan. It’s a good thing I love Hello Kitty so much>


5 responses to this post.

  1. Do you think that Uncle Olive and Aunt Guinness like their nicknames? I thin Alice is fond of hers. Actually – that was how she intorduced herself to me that first time we met face-to-face. 🙂


  2. Oh, I think they like them! I want a fun name! Oh wait! I am Holly Bee! Also pretty sure I have some not so fun name floating around out there. Like lady with 3 Snotty KidsLoudRudeSwear WordsLady with Skirt Tucked in UndiesLook at that Ogre and that Short Troll


  3. I just tried to leave a comment, so hopefully you don’t get two!I got my hair cut like yours afterall! I got rejected as a walk-in at two salons, so I let my mom cut it! 😀


  4. Team B! What great fun to be had around K’zoo! Thanks for sharing the pictures.


  5. How fun!!! I am a trend setter!!! Yes, loads of fun in Kzoo! With Snotty kids, most of it amazingly cheap and free!


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