Ogre Surprise, No, it’s not a casserole

Ah ha! I actually kept a secret! It about killed me. The Ogre’s got a new job at the evil pharmaceutical company and his old group gave him a SURPRISE good luck, good bye, and good riddance party.

PK did her part by watching the kids. I had to get the Ogre to his favorite restaurant,
R. Stanley’s, at 6 or 630. I actually did write down the time, but I scribbled over it so the Ogre wouldn’t get suspicious. I lied and told him we were celebrating Father’s Day with a nice dinner without the kids. Which all in all seems the most suspicious, but apparently the whole me being crazy made this seem sensible.

I knew we were meeting on the patio, but I didn’t want to give any info away. See I love eating outside, and as you know, Ogre’s hate anything above the standard 22c (72F) with 60% humidity. I asked if he was going to change into shorts. He was counting on cool airconditioning and said no. I asked if he wanted to wear his fun Ogre shoes. Again, no.

We got to the R. Stanley’s and all his friends were out on the patio and were shouting and waving. He said “We’re going inside.” They said “no, no, stay out here.” Flustered, the Ogre replied “no, really, we’re going inside.”

He finally figured it out, had a lovely time, and got to be picked on about being a big freaking Ogre, afraid of flying monkeys and people not giving a rats ass. Which is no longer try, the Ogre was actually given a rat’s ass.

He later admitted that he wished he had changed, the Ogre shoes would have been fun, he was totally surprised, very happy, and super amazed that I finally was able to keep a secret!


One response to this post.

  1. You were able to really keep a secret! Awesome! I’ll bet it was a nice party.


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