Awesome Friday

Ok, so I got over the lonely pretty quickly.

I into Starbucks rather than wait 1 million years with my car running. While inside I got the last low fat mixed berry muffin and totally pissed off the lady behind me. As the Starbucks girl was bagging up my yum treat the angry lady actually said “is that for her? Are there more? It’s not fair.” Oooh, fun! She then stared harshly at me while I waited for my drink. I smiled and sent positive vibes to her son, I felt bad for him.

My new Dr’s office was unbelievably super awesome nice. Everyone was so lovely and friendly, and the place didn’t seem real germy or enclosed. All good things.

My new super nice Dr listened to me, and gave me stuff to hopefully help with what I like to call my insanity migraines. They are insanity migraines because even the dog breathing seems unbearably loud, and that’s just insane.

Next was a whirl wind run through the consignment shop. I think all the girls went up from size 0’s to human sizes, so no shorts for me. But I did get a new tank (top, not death mobile) and a cute sweater shrug thing of questionable color. The question isn’t exactly what color, but if it’s a color I would choose to be seen in. It’s very much in the girly color family, and I don’t know if I can do that.

Ok, this is getting boring. The rest was…

Dropped car off. They didn’t laugh at the “it tries to stall when I turn left, drive in a square, I swear it will chugga-chugga” comment.

I walked downtown and a lol (little old lady) chose me (me!) to help her over the curb and jaywalk across the street. I must look strong, nice, and too lazy to go to the crosswalk. We had a nice chat, and damn it if she stole my wallet I will hunt her down. Nope, wallet still intact.

Hippie shop, only mildly acted like they thought I was shop lifting.

Store ladies were not nice to me in Acorn. But I thought, why am I in here anyway, I am not this old yet.

To cheer myself up I walked the additional 2 blocks to the brew pub. In my mind I crawled the last few yards to the saftey of airconditioning. As soon as the lovely Caleb (he may have been a mirage) said hello I said “bring me a beer! It’s hot out there.” My hallucination rewarded me with a pint o’ black razberry home brew.

I had a brew pub dip jr, a sandwhich I didn’t eat, a taster of the haymarket ale, and a styrofoam box to drunkinly carry my leftovers back to the car with. I felt guilty about the styrofoam box and the “pollution stinks” shirt I was wearing, so like the true hobo I am, I changed into a different shirt in the bathroom.

All in all, totally awesome fun day.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Is the shirt pink or purple? I love pink. 🙂


  2. I felt the exact same way about Acorn! That’s hilarious! I went in there looking for something to wear to Anna’s school thingy in December and was so disappointed I just left and went back to the cute place with the funky entry floor.I’m so glad you like Dr. Becky! She’s the best I’ve ever had, but the others in the practice are super-awesome, too. I hope the new treatment works.


  3. It’s not fair that you got the last muffin? Um… who lets these people out in public? Seriously… you could’ve licked the muffin and then offered it to her with a, “Ewwww… you can have it, lady. I tasted it. It’s icky.”On second thought… who lets ME out in public?


  4. It’s PINK! Like glow in the bougainvillea pink.I was being super nice on my best behavior too, I really am not out looking for trouble! Unless it’s with birds, I’ll always rumble with birds.


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