Share of the Farm or Eat Locally, means Potato Salad

Ok Share of the Farm questioners, I get one share a week from Avalon Farms Homegrown. I originally found out about them through Carina, but you can locate farms who do shares through Local Harvest.

We have a family of 5, but we only get one share which is recommended for 1-2 people

Just today, I got 3 quarts of strawberries-as in super awesome picked this am, not dragged cross country in a truck strawberries.

Plastic Shopping bag full of mixed greens-I said full

15-20 radishes

5 or more fresh delicious Michigan onions

Rhubarb-enough for a pie, probably more

Sweet peas

Weird mystery heirloom radishes?

20-25 cherry tomatoes

Ok, so that’s my $20 for the week. I can’t even eat the stuff they call vegetables at the grocery store, this stuff is awesome! It’s what I would like to get fresh from my garden, but I am sort of crappy about the whole watering and weeding thing.

Plus, if it’s a slow week for ripe stuff we get things like strawberry jam, salad dressing, and sun dried tomatoes. Last year we also got dried cherries, and wow, no one else knows that, because I ate them all, and told the Ogre they were craisins…heeheehee.

So there you go. Crappy gardener, want to eat fresher food, want to save the environment, get in touch with your local farmer. Added bonus, often delivered by suntanned cuties working their way through college. Oh, also, later in summer you get flowers with the deliveries. How cool is that?

Yep, I have so many stinking radishes that I am making potato salad. Me, cooking potatoes to make into a multi-step food item. What the hell else do you do with radishes? Really. Salad-check, Potato salad-check, Pasta salad-next on my radish reduction schedule. Last year I did end up chucking some in the field behind the house, guess what, I now some suspicious looking plants out in the soy field.

If we get more next week you may find me in the yard screaming “I WILL NEVER EAT RADISHES AGAIN.” Where are the zombies when you need them?


3 responses to this post.

  1. I feel the same way about the radishes. I always give them to my mom, who likes to just eat them. I’m hoping MIL will take them this weekend (maybe with dip?). I don’t know what to do next week.Oh, and we get the double share, so twice the berries. Want some jam? I still have some from last year for crying out loud. *sigh*


  2. I’ll take your jam if you’re handing it out. We have some blueberries left over, wanna trade?


  3. Bringing Michigan produce into your home! That’s the way to do it. Support local food growers–the impact is HUGE!


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