Oh boy, Charmed Knits a promised…

The yarn is from Webs, and will be knit into lovely Gryffindor/Charmed Knits inspired goods for Pig 1. Oops, I also ordered from knit picks. The “scarlet” sock yarn is from them. But Pig 1 has to have the correct school house colors for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Midnight release brew-haha. Ok, brew for me, probably sprite for him, but haha for both since I tend to get a bit giddy after midnight. The table cloth, that’s just bad taste. What are you gonna do?

Ooooh, also, I was chatting up random Prius owning lady at the gas station today, and she totally let me sit in her Prius and check it out!!! It was so awesome. She wouldn’t let me see if all 3 car seats would fit in the back seat, but she said there was a used one at the place she got hers. Hello, Ogre? Why don’t you stop by the used car place and check it out…fuel efficiency is sexy.


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  1. You have lots of posts to catch up on! I’m such a slow blogger! (I have 3 minutes before bidding ends on an Ebay item and I’d better not get swiped out! omg… I’m so nervous) okay… lol Congrats to your little piggie for spitting his tooth out- too cute! And that pile of yarn looks really fun! I can’t wait to see the finished stuff. I bet it’s going to be fun knitting. Oh, and I’m right with you on some kids movies/shows. Land Before Time definitely being one of them. Glad everyone is better. 🙂


  2. Now, that’s a nice pile of yarn. It all looks so nice, and it’ll go well with Harry’s coloring (it’s a good thing he’s Gryffindor).Oh, did I tell you that Anna’s other bottom tooth is doing the same shark tooth thing as the one that finally fell out–and it’s hardly loose at all? *sigh* We’re so helping the dentist make his boat payments . . .


  3. Oh, and I nominated you for the Blogger’s Choice awards for Hot Mamas, Hobby, and Best Blog ever.


  4. Thanks for the votes!! That’s so awesome! I feel famous 🙂


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