Knit Night=Good, Veronica Mars=Sad

I almost gave up a knit out knitting to spend time with the Ogre. I’m glad I came to my senses in time to go to We’re So Square Night.

Remember that? The fourth Tuesday of the month, at Handweavers. They give us a pattern, we sit and knit. At the end of the year we have enough squares for a throw, or laprobe or wallhanging.

I took the cursed Durango, feeling gas guilty on the way there. No, not because of eating Taco Bell, the bad mileage the Durango gets. I saw a guy doing his part, walking home from the grocery with his sunscreening hat, and reusable shopping bag, then a girl riding her bike with a SUV’s Suck Gas sticker on her helmet. I tried slouching down in my seat to no one would see me. I realized I couldn’t see over the steering wheel, so I sat up and dreamed of the day we could trade the beast in….

I was riding a battery assist rickshaw through the streets of Kalamazoo. The smells of exhaust were a thing of the past, and everyone waved their well muscled arms and smiled as I went. (Their arms were well muscled because everyone had given up cars and taken to walking, biking and clean public transport. Their bellies were full of locally, organically grown veggies and there was nary a plastic bag in the trees. )

Ok, done. The knitting was fun, the company was good. I don’t think the lady I like to sit and talk Vera Bradley bags with knows my name, but that’s cool, I don’t know hers either. We chatted with Jaime from the store and learned that Handweavers will be offering 12 summer classes!! Including socks on 2 circs, so help is in my near future. The classes aren’t currently posted, but should be by the end of the week.

Veronica Mars. I hate the cw. All the anger that’s been sneaking out this week is now going to be directed at them. My fav show has not been picked up for next year, and the last episode of the shortened season was just not a satisfying ending to the whole series. Argh.

The Ogre said “I learned my lesson with Misfits of Science.” I told him he might as well not even watch this falls Bionic Woman. His reply was simply “we can make her better than she was. Better…faster…stronger.” It’s a whole geek love thing.


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  1. I’m glad they’re having so many classes. I hope the Socks on Two Circs one works out for your schedule. I think you’d like it. Me, I’m a dpn woman, myself. I tried socks on two circs and didn’t like it.


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