Storms ahoy!

There was a storm, Harrison packed his backpack with books and a stuffed animal and refused to eat dinner. He then took the dog with him to the basement. I really expected him to yell “see you in hell!” on the way down. He showed great restraint.

We all ended up in the basement a couple minutes later and had a lovely dinner in the basement.

Luckily, all is safe and we even have power, and our fence. Amazing.

After the storm I managed to finish the Samoa hat. I think I will use the rest of that yarn (black) for an Eileen top from the No Sheep for You book.

At home, I have decided I need to start eating, well, food that’s doesn’t make me feel sick afterwards. No more meat for me Ma! Or pizza, or peanuts or junk that gives me migraines.

I bought some Kashi Go Lean oatmeal. When I dumped it into the bowl I was like “oh man, look at all that mouse crap!” I had to inspect it under better light, twice, before I decided it was just flax seeds. Gosh, I hope it was flax seeds.


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  1. That storm was amazing, eh?!I really love to eat healthy, whole grain foods, but sometimes you are wondering,”What exactly am I eating?”


  2. We were on our way to Anna’s girl scout awards ceremony. Yeah, it’s soooo much fun to sit in a school basement room with tons of scared Girl Scouts singing camp songs at the tops of their lungs. *rolls eyes* Really fun.Scared me, though. I just can’t handle tornadoes any more.


  3. We skipped going to Harry’s swim class because I didn’t want to get stuck at the Y with no knitting!! I mean the safety of my beautiful children!


  4. LOL! That’s hilarious. Your son’s ‘almost’ comment, and the mouse poop cereal. heh.I cook oatmeal for breakfast all the time, for the kids and I. It’s healthy and simple. And then we load it with maple syrup and brown sugar.


  5. You are so funny! LOLGlad y’all made it through the storm… with your mouse poop cereal… heh


  6. Hey-lo…I’ve been reading your blog lately, and I tagged you for the 8 random things meme. It’s on my blog too. Have fun!


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