Quick trip to the Creek leads to Knitting

I ran over to the Creek yesterday to drop off a rollie suitcase with PK for her trip to Jamaica.

The last time her and Dan went out of state PK ended up in the hospital for 8 days because of never liver failure. My little brain is all traumatized that she is going to get sick again. So to help her I dropped off the suitcase, the new knit.1 magazine, and last week’s entertainment weekly. Because I know that knitting and ew magazines always make me feel better. I would have given her the latest IK , but I got her a subscription for her birthday, so she’s on her own with that one.

So dropping off suitcase, ended up being lunch, which was right by a yarn shop. You guessed it, I dragged my poor sick Momma across the street and made her sit while I shopped, I mean browsed. Who am I trying to fool, the Ogre doesn’t read this, and he also knows that if I step foot into a yarn shop I am going to buy something.

Knowing that In Sheep’s Clothing is up for sale, made me edgey. The owner was talking about putting a bunch of stuff up on ebay. I figured if I wanted something I better get it now and save myself the frantic search for it later.
This is akin to the first time I travelled by plane. The flight from Detroit to Kentucky was perfect, the second flight was different. It was noisey, and there was turbulence and a thunder storm. I paid $20 for little bottles of rum, and made myself happy. The friend I was with asked why I wasted so much money on plane drinks. “If the plane was going to crash, what do I care if she has all my money.” Sometimes instant gratification is best.
Anyway, I picked up the ella rae book and the two elsebeth lavold hempathy yarn. In theory I have 2 other skeins here and they will be magically transformed into stripey socks in the year 2012.
Then we stopped by Carina’s. She ended up letting me borrow her Charmed Knits book. It’s so awesome!!!
I want to knit every, every thing. I thought the Molly’s Amazing Technicolor Housecoat was super awesome. Ok, the sleeves were awesome, the sweater body was too normal to go with the sweetness of the sleeves. The Ogre thought it was, in his words “hideous.” It was like he was channelling his inner Simon Cowell.
The Ogre was smitten with the Quidditch Sweater, like that’s ever going to happen. Ogre=Beast. I’d spend the rest of my life knitting a sweater for him.
I think I am just going to place an order for my own copy from KnitPicks. Which, along with Webs, are bad places for me to visit, but I neeed it.
At the end of the day, I had a nice time with PK, got to get yarn and then stressed myself out so much about PK I got a bloody nose.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Pretty yarn. :)Always happy to oblige with books and yarn enabling. šŸ˜€


  2. I know! We are bad friends! I love, love the Charmed Knits book. I think you may end up with the new copy because of the drool marks my family has left on yours.


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