Knit in the Woods for me.

Yippee! I am going to be mixing about 3 of my favorite things! No, not rum, curacao and diet coke. I’ve done that, it doesn’t taste good, really should, but doesn’t.

No, we are going to hike, camp, and knit. I suppose I may be the only official knitter, but others will be envious. Most envious because the Sea Silk is knitting up very awesome. It’s so dreamy to knit with it’s hypnotic. I keep hoping I will have some sort of vision, or time travel or something to match it’s greatness. I would settle for levitation.

The other sweet part to camping is our “town” visit. Not like we are doing the whole hike in camping thing, but town does have Nautical Yarn . Their web page is lame, but the shop is super fun. I’ve heard rumors that they carry SWTC’s corn yarn, aMaizing. I am a sad sorry sucker when it comes to hemp/soy/corn/yarn. I want to try it!

Oooh, added bonus, ice cream parlour, oh, and a big lake.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Sea Silk. Drool. What are you knitting with it? I have a coupon to a knit store that sells it but need a project for it.


  2. My kid is 14, but I remember snot was a big part of my life. Your blog may have the best name in all knitting land.I always forget something when we camp. I say: make sure you bring scissors. Tthat aMaizing is hard to bite off with your teeth and doesn’t substitute as a vegetable.


  3. I am knitting the Tuscany Shawl from the No Sheep for You book. I think it’s turning out super pretty.Thanks for the blog name love! I ended up passing on the aMaizing…story involved there.


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